Multichain ERC20
@ETHParis 2023

Featuring ETH Restaking and MEV.

July 19, 2023 @ETHParis

Featuring two event tracks

Restaking and LSD


Creating a composable validator marketplace.

Proof of Neutrality Network and Optimistic MEV+


Upholding a permissionless and inclusive future for web3.

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Ethereum for everyone

The benefits of the Ethereum network should be easily accessible and available globally and to everyone with little to no barriers to entry.

Multichain ERC20 is about bringing together the greatest and most inspired minds to build the future of web3.

We want you to leave seeing a clear path forward and excited about what is to come for Ethereum.

Events such as this are where people come together and new ideas are born. If you would like to present, have any thoughts, comments, ideas, or questions please reach out here.

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Proof of Neutrality


Please Fix


Multichain ERC20


ETH Diamond


Proof of Neutrality


Proof of Neutrality


ETHDenver 2023

Getting here

Multichain ERC20 at ETHParis is located just a few blocks from the main event spaces.

Co-working Space

23 Rue de l'Hirondelle, 75006 Paris, France

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